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Nathaniel opening presents on his birthday
Me opening presents on my Birthday!

My Darlegg
This is a picture of the DarlEGG that I made.

For Fathersday we went camping in Shropshire, we climbed some really big hills!
Here are some photos my brother and my mum took.
Fathersday 2008
Fathersday 2008
Fathersday 2008
Fathersday 2008
Fathersday 2008
Fathersday 2008
My Birthday Cake 2008My Birthday Cake 2008 This was my FAB birthday cake my mum made for me!
(My brother made the road signs!)

Driving a trainI won a pumpkin!
On the left is a picture of me in the cab of a train at Snibston Discovery Park, and on the right is me with the massive pumpkin I won in a competition at school!

The DoctorMe as The DoctorTudor me!
I had lots of adventures traveling as The Doctor, one of them included leaving my face in the twentieth century when I went to visit tudor England!

I work here! See where our parents send us to work!

Giant Sunflower/Me as The Doctor
This is me with my giant sunflower I grew, and if you put your mouse over the picture, you will see another picture as me as The Doctor!

At the top is a picture of me and my sister having a sword fight in the gardens of an old castle, and at the bottom is a picture of me on holiday in Iceland with my family, at one of the huge waterfalls we saw.

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